Sweet Smile Thumping G-Spot Vi

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Wibrator Sweet Smile Thumping G-Spot Vi

Thumping, knocking vibrations directly on the G-spot!
The Thumping G-spot Vibrator from Sweet Smile is a flexible vibrator with an innovative knocking function in the wonderfully curved and rounded G-spot tip. The tip has a soft, stimulating texture as well. The 2 motors have 7 vibration modes and 3 pulsating knocking modes that can be controlled separately with the button on the toy. The vibrator is covered in a soft touch texture which feels great against the skin during stimulation. It is also waterproof which means that it can be enjoyed in the bath or the shower as well. It can be recharged with the included magnetic charger.

Complete length 19.9 cm, insertion length 15 cm; Ø max. 3.6 cm. Weight 171 g. Silicone, PU, ABS.


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